Social Responsibility


Over the last two decades as we grew up, we saw issues and ignored them. However, when we founded, we pledged that we will stop repining and drive the change instead. And, that became one of the cornerstones of our culture. We wanted to come up with innovative solutions and not recite the problem. For the first time in our lives, we felt that we had a purpose that extended our work, a genuine responsibility towards people around us, and one that we could contribute to.

Being Indian, we right away realized that for a developing country like India, even if there were a thousand problems, there were a billion people to solve them. It essentially meant that we had a million people to solve every single problem. It came as a revelation and nothing seemed impossible anymore. However, the truth was that the problems were not limited to developing nations alone, but were equally serious in developed nations like the United States as well.

"Drive the change. Solve problems."

That's when we decided that we will allot some time during the year for carrying out this responsibility. And, that every employee would be required to spend some time out of their comfortable air-conditioned offices, cars, and homes in parts of society where we wouldn't usually spend time. It is only when we experience the issues first hand that we would be in a position to realize how serious things were, address them effectively, and finally solve them. And yes, we are talking about each one of us at going out to change the world in little steps and not get away by just donating an amount to a charity or cause from the comforts of our everyday life.

The experience each one of us could take to those people in underdeveloped areas and the solutions we living in cities and having traveled the world could propose would so many times solve problems and even identify grave issues which weren't a concern to the people living there. And, we would not only educate them, help them learn better, live safer, and more efficient techniques to do their work and also how we could help their kids get educated. That's how we describe the best feeling in the world. And, many of you who are reading this know that there is nothing that feels like it.


To achieve this, we have committed 5% of our net profit each fiscal year towards causes we are passionate about and do our bit to change lives. We decided to use this commitment to support our employees (called Doers) so that they could go out for up to 1 week and solve problems they are passionate about. And, just so you know, this is in addition to the regular number of holidays in a given year. We believe this extra vacation and the opportunity to do more good are some of the other invaluable perks of working at

Education is the most important asset we have, and so Child Education is on the top of our list followed by the Rights of Women.

"Do More Good."

Passion is contagious, and we believe if we can infect a few, many more will join our pledge. We'd love to see every corporation do this, the impact will be unlike any we've seen in human history.