What is Dowhyolo?

"Dowhyolo" was a term we coined after intense brainstorming sessions spread over a few days across India and Berkeley, CA in the summer of 2012. Unlike what your mind may come to think naturally, there was really no conclusion that we could comfortably reach after all that effort. There was not a single name that got us excited, touched our hearts, or could simply get us out of bed at 4 AM. Ya, that's how we felt.

Our Culture

We wanted to create a culture that would be your heartbeat, the haemoglobin in your blood, and the love in the air. Something that would naturally inspire and encourage you to innovate. A culture that would transcend borders and spread across institutions we work with.

Our Traditions

The million dollar question was not "How should it be done?" but "Asking ourselves, how did we want to do it?".

And really, there was no easy answer to that. Had it been to create a corporation housed in brick-and-mortar using fancy computer hardware, it would have been easy. But, we weren't looking at the machines, we were looking at the people.

People who ask questions and innovate (do),
people who have a reason to drive (why) change,
and People who are passionate (olo) about it.

With over 26 years of experience and two decades of unconventional actions and achievements behind us, thinking out-of-the-box was not a problem. However, it had never been this hard before. The puzzle had a million pieces that had to be put together and an unknown number we hadn't discovered yet. And so, it was time to write history.

Hours of Googling gave no answers but miles of walking in the woods did! The answer was right with us. It was the GATC in our DNA. We had done it all our life and we finally decided the name. At first, it appealed but there was a moment of uncertainty, but within 24 hours, it literally got onto us. Like fine wine, the more we thought about it, the more intoxicated we got. It felt like we were finally onto something. And, till today, we feel the same with adrenaline running high in our culture and the air around.

Our Philosophy

We Believe you can only do well in something if you like it. Humans never give a 100% to something they do not like. However, it is easy to exceed and give a 110% to something they like. The extra 10% is the "innovation" which happens only when the 100% is driven by passion.

Each employee at Dowhyolo.com is a Doer. Doers are Drivers of Change. We do not tell them what to do. Instead, we ask them what they like doing and are Passionate about. Yes, you read that right! You choose what you want to work on, we don't. In our view, open-thinking, free-will, and imagination are the key to Innovation. However, we do expect you to tell us how you will do it, and how your progress is going through. In many ways, Doers think of us like an incubator as they get to do what they have always wanted to.

We are about People. And, people are about Dreams not jobs. We make you look into yourself like you've never done before and understand what is it that gets adrenaline flowing in your bloodstream and light's up the Edison bulb in your eyes. What is that one thing that can get you out of bed at 4 AM or pull an allnighter? Doers are naturally self-motivated and self-driven. They are warriors who are undeterred by a pebble-storm and their actions are better testimony to their work ethics than their words. They solve problems and continue to move ahead getting things done and driving the extra mile to Innovate.

"We all make a choice in life to chase our dreams till late in the night or someone else's.
We made our choice. And, we want Dowhyolo.com to be yours."

In one line

We are about People with a Dream who believe in Love@Work.