Chrome Devices

What is Google Chrome and who all are in the Chrome family?

Google Chrome is an internet browser both for mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop (Windows, OS X, and Linux). It is available in 53 languages and is used by almost 43%* of the internet users worldwide.

The Chrome family consists of Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and Chrome Devices which run the Chrome OS. While Google Chrome is simply an internet browser, the Chrome OS on the other hand is an operating system that replaces the need for Windows, OS X, or Linux. It has a number of benefits and cost savings over traditional operating systems and comes preinstalled on Chrome Devices which are incredibly cost-effective, fast, and efficient laptops and desktops. This makes them a favorite for individual, business, education, nonprofit, and government use.

43% of Global Web Surfers Choose Google Chrome

How can we help you with Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and Chrome Devices?

We have not only been early adopters of the Chrome family including Google Chrome which is widely deployed across our systems but also the Chrome OS and Chrome Devices right from their first launch. We have customized them as per our requirements and configured them for seamless use across our offices in various configurations, including centralized management, installation, and updates.

We can help you with a variety of things right from customization and deployment to management of both Google Chrome and Chrome Devices across your organization whether they are spread locally, in a state, country, or across the world. You can either choose to have your existing IT staff manage or let our experts do it.

Some of the things besides those stated above include:

  • User training for Google Chrome and Chrome OS
  • Custom development of Chrome apps, extensions, and themes
  • Application distribution and access management
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Chrome for business, education, nonprofit, and government

Features, customization, and requirements vary between organizations like a school or a government institution may want to restrict certain type of content while a business or a nonprofit may want to provide unrestricted access. We work closely with you to determine the right solution so reach out to us and we'll be happy to get you started.

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