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.EDU.IN - EDU stands for education and is for Schools K-12.

.AC.IN - AC stands for academic and is for Higher Education e.g. Colleges, Universities, Institutes, etc.

Offering 100% Protection to Institutions

Since late 2013, we have worked extensively for several months with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Education and Research Network (ERNET) India, and the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) to understand the operational issues and simplify the process for the educational domain name registration in India.

Not only that, we've engaged with over a hundred institutions who have been using these domains as well as non-educational ones like .com, .org, .net, .in etc. to understand the issues they have faced and have done extensive research and testing to find a permanent solution to all the problems and unnecessary costs associated with .EDU.IN and .AC.IN domains. This not only allows institutions to use the educational domains but also be protected at all times. It further allows them to enjoy the freedom to work with the web development company of their choice or migrate away from one they may be working with to another easily. They no more have to worry about shutting down all the services related to a domain or weeks of downtime and legal paperwork during the migration process.

To achieve the same, we provide a 1-stop destination for both hassle-free domain registration as well as renewal, maintenance, and support providing institutions the freedom to work with any website provider they like without affecting related services like email, security, and 24x7 uninterrupted access anywhere, anytime, and on any device e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop etc.

We leverage on Google's robust and scalable worldwide cloud infrastructure to provide you the best-in-class service for .EDU.IN and .AC.IN domains on the territory of India we give you the convenience of paying in Indian Rupees (INR) instead of U.S. Dollars.

Our services are unique, affordable, and their quality unparalleled. And, there are two main reasons for it: 1. We've dug deep and long to understand the root causes of the problem. 2. Our passion for technology and experience with server technology and cloud continue to help us innovate and provide you outstanding services.

Looking for a .EDU domain?

If you are a qualified educational institution in the United States and are looking for a .EDU domain, please reach out to us for the same at

There are two parts to the the .EDU.IN / .AC.IN Domain. Item 1 below is chargeable as a one-time fee while item 2 is chargeable every year.

1. Domain Paperwork and Filing


  1. Guidance for domain name selection
  2. Domain name availability check
  3. Preparation of documents
  4. Domain registration application filing
  5. Government paperwork and DD submission
  6. Application status tracking
  7. Email and SMS alerts

2. Domain Maintenance and Support


  1. Provides primary and multiple secondary name server names & IP addresses which are necessary for .EDU.IN / .AC.IN domain registration
  2. Domain name system (DNS) server configuration & setup
  3. DNS hosting service for .EDU.IN / .AC.IN domain on Google cloud servers
  4. High uptime
  5. DNS servers are protected against DDoS attacks.
  6. DNS records maintenance and update on Google servers
  7. Web address mapping of Google sites and various Google Apps
  8. Custom DNS records to support other services required by the school
  9. Assistance in mapping of the .EDU.IN / .AC.IN domain to your existing website server.
  10. Supports up to 10 million DNS query resolutions per year.
  11. Technical maintenance, troubleshooting, and annual support

Perfectly suited for Google Apps for Education with 24x7 access.

Integrated load balancing and works even if your website is down.

Circulars for .EDU.IN and .AC.IN Domains